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Hold The Bread Foundation

Can bread change the world?

Hold The Bread Foundation

The sisters who created Thumb Bread® grew up in poverty. Born to immigrant parents who came the USA with nothing instilled a great sense of hustle and determination in the sisters. Growing up in a household where money was scarce meant food insecurity.

Through the Hold The Bread Foundation™, the sisters are consolidating their philanthropic and charitable work, giving back to local food pantries and organizations that work towards ending food insecurity. In addition to monetary and bread donations, Hold The Bread Foundation™ hosts baking workshops for children and adolescents growing up in poverty while also contributing empowering opportunities, like grants and fundraising, for marginalized communities.

In the future, as we work towards growing Thumb Bread® into a mission-driven company, portion of proceeds from each bag of bread will be put towards the Hold The Bread Foundation™.

Foundation website coming soon. In the meantime, please check back here for a list of our current community partnerships.

Hold The Bread Foundation

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