Bread For Everything™

What is Thumb Bread®?

Bread For Everything™. Hot or cold sandwiches. Hearty toasts. Dips and appetizers. Soups and sides.

Thumb Bread®'s soft and fluffy texture make it an ideal platform for any recipe. It can be stacked, dipped, sliced, quartered, and served open-faced toasted, warmed, or at room temperature.

Each piece is hand-formed and thumb marks are applied one by one.

Ideal For Every Meal

Thumb Bread® is an all natural, dairy-free, extraordinary artisanal bread with a soft texture you can use in breakfast, lunch, or dinner recipes. You can toast it, crisp it, or eat it at room temperature and it will always taste delicious. We're small batch made, hand-formed, made with simple, clean label ingredients and use a NON-GMO flour*.

We do not use any eggs, butter, dairy, or animal by-products.

*We use NON-GMO flour and clean-label ingredients, but it is not guaranteed to be entirely free of GMOs due to lack of certification. There may still be traces of GMOs.

Delicious For Breakfast

Whether it's french toast, eggs Benedict, jam and butter, or even ham, egg and cheese- Thumb Bread® makes a tasty breakfast item.

Perfect For Homemade Pizza

Pile on your toppings to make a quick pizza at home. Thumb Bread® is thick enough to hold the sauce, cheese, and toppings, but thin enough that it will still get crispy when popped in the oven.

Filling Hot + Cold Sandwiches

Deli meats, grilled cheese sandwiches, and even hamburgers have a new, satisfying home in between slices of Thumb Bread®.

Served With Soups + Salads

Crackers and croutons are yummy, but have you tried dipping a piece of Thumb Bead® into your soup or eating it along with your salad? The thickness of Thumb Bread® soaks up juices exquisitely.

Makes A Hearty Toast

Thumb Bread® is big enough to create the open-faced toast of your dreams. Avocado toast will never be the same.

Terrific For Dipping

Dip a piece of Thumb Bread® into Bruschetta, olive oil, or hummus and you'll understand why no other bread comes close in taste or quality.


There are so many different ways to serve Thumb Bread®. You can cut it in half, quarter it, slice it into strips, or divide it into triangles. Whether you're cooking dinner, packing a lunch for the kids, or making yourself a quick snack- Thumb Bread® is the perfect platform to satisfy your craving!

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