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Thumb Bread's Flavors

Each of our flavors are tried and tested in our own kitchen. Thumb Bread is a unique artisanal bread whose texture and composition make it usable in so many different ways. From being served alongside soups and salads, with appetizers, dips, making sandwiches, toasts, and pizza... Thumb Bread does it all! It can be sliced into fours, in half, quartered, and even broken up into crouton pieces. It's hearty taste and softness allow it to be served warm, toasted, or at room temperature.

Soft, delicious, hearty and versatile... Thumb bread is truly unique!

Original Flavor

Our classic flavor is perfect for cold cut sandwiches and panini sandwiches. The Original Thumb Bread flavor is perfect served open faced as a toast! It's neutral flavor makes it versatile enough to even be used alongside sweet recipes. It also makes a delicious, unique platform for mini pizzas. 

Rosemary Garlic Thumb Bread

Rosemary Garlic Flavor

Rosemary paired with fresh garlic make this a truly tasty combination! Tastes delicious served open faced, alongside dips, and as an appetizer bread.


Everything Flavor

Everyone's favorite bagel seasoning gets exclusively reimagined on Thumb Bread! This flavor combo can't be beat when paired with your favorite cream cheese or cold cut sandwiches! Tastes great as a grilled cheese panini as well.

Everything Thumb Bread