Bread For Everything™


Thumb Bread® is currently available in three exclusive full size flavors.

All of our breads can be enjoyed hot or cold, warm or toasted, with fillings, or by themselves. You may freeze any leftover bread and wrap it in foil to place in the oven..

Our classic flavor has been hand made and baked a million times over the past decade! A true icon in the bread category, Original Thumb Bread® is a soft, delicious, and  simple bread with so many uses, such as toast, paninis, cold cut sandwiches, and even french toast!

Original Thumb Bread


Rosemary Garlic
A perfectly flavored bread that compliments hot sandwiches as well as appetizers and dips. 

Rosemary Garlic Thumb Bread

Everything Flavor
Everyone's favorite bagel flavoring gets a new home atop our Thumb Bread®! Our everything flavor goes well with cold cut sandwiches, cream cheese, and breakfast sandwiches.

Everything Thumb Bread


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